Dig Into This Decadent Giant Cookie Cake From The Fat Cookie Club To Bless Your Tastebuds

Craving for a little sweet? It’s time to feast your eyeballs and taste buds on this quirky and self-indulgent Cookie Cake. Yep, you read that right. This is a massive cookie cake and it’s here to make your mouth water. Let us inform you about all the deets about this ‘cookie monster’!

The Fat Cookie Club is going to be your new favourite as we present you to this Giant Cookie Cake that’s made from a big AF choco-chip cookie, has pink frosting and M&Ms on top! Sounds divine, right? They also do sinful cookies that are loaded with all the thick chocolate in the world and will surely ascend you to the higher heavens!

If you’re tempted to get yourself one, drop them an email and let the binge sesh begin!
Email: thefatcookieclub@gmail.com
Check out their Insta Feed | https://www.instagram.com/thefatcookieclub/

Here Are Some More Tempting Images To Scroll Through!

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