Coronavirus update: The iconic Dutch tulip garden is offering virtual tours

The Coronavirus lockdown has been tough on everyone. If everything would have been well, the iconic tulip (Keukenhof) garden in the Netherlands (Holland) would have been presenting its beautiful Tulip show just like previous years. Though, people need not worry about it as the garden administration has agreed to go virtual this year to permit people to appreciate the tulip bloom from the comfort of their home.

Individuals can check out the bright flowers and tulip fields by taking a virtual tour that is created by the park’s employees. Even Though it is a complete lockdown in the country, more than 40 to 50 employees are still working at the garden, staying inside to take care of the place.

Ever Since its opening in 1950, the garden has never been without tourists but this year it is different. The famous garden was shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak and there are more than seven million colorful tulips in the garden at this time. But sadly, not a solo admirer!

Stretched across a 79 acres land, the garden is a major tourist hotspot for tourists, photographers and nature lovers. The tulip bloom season here starts from March and goes on till May. The beautiful garden is not only home to millions of tulips, but also has daffodils, hyacinths and orchids, among others.

Previous year, the garden documented more than 1.5 million footfalls from over 100 countries! It received 45,000 people on its busiest day last year.

Though, the situation is totally opposite this year as the worldwide renowned tulip garden was closed on March 14 due to the pandemic. All the social events were also void by the government till June 1, 2020.

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