Coronavirus update: Go on a virtual hike of the Appalachian trail

In the midst of this lockdown on account of the Coronavirus, most of us are expecting for this to get over so we can go out. But what if we told you that you can go for a trek from your home? The Appalachian Trail can now be hiked virtually through its now-free app, Walk the Distance.

The iOS app is created in such a way that it will use your phone’s pedometer feature and follow the number of steps you take each day. Then, it will chart an activity in agreement with the trail’s 3500 km area. This can turn out to be a great way to walk around the house, and get you thrilled about this popular mountain trail.

Appalachian trail

One of the most thrilling features of this exercise is that you can see everyone using the app on the map! You will also be passing away virtual signposts, involving shelters, scenic points and more. You can also see an icon with your profile picture that indicates where you really are on the map, based on your daily steps. So essentially, every time you take a walk to the grocery store, your steps get added to the map, and you finish more distance of the virtual Appalachian trail. Looks like fun!

There isn’t an Android version of this yet, but the inventors are in the process of creating one. They are also proposing to add other trails to the app. The most excellent part is that Walk the Distance, which has been a paid app is now free of charge.

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