Coronavirus Update: China’s Wuhan reopens for business

People in China have been under strict controls for numerous weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, for nearly two months in Hubei province. The Chinese city of Wuhan, considered to be ground zero for the global COVID-19 pandemic, saw the most aggressive quarantine in China after the deadly virus emerged there at the end of last year. Apparently, Wuhan is now slowly returning to normal.

If news reports are to go by, the lockdown enforced at the end of January is likely to raise completely on April 8.

In The Meantime, many countries in Asia were quick to limit movement of everyone with a Hubei province passport, to suppress the spread of Coronavirus. When Wuhan was battling with the virus attack, some 56 million people in the city and the bordering province of Hubei were limited inside their homes, with all their travels halted.

Coronavirus Update: China’s Wuhan reopens for business

Similar situations are now being faced in countries that have now become hotspots for the virus, such as Italy and the United States of America. Nevertheless, it is not only these countries; at this point of time, most of the countries have enforced a lockdown to stop the spread of this disease.

In Wuhan, as life is gradually returning to normal, there are anxieties that the cases of the virus-infected people might spike, as China chooses not to reveal the number of asymptomatic cases of infection.

With business reopening on Monday and the lockdown to be lifted completely in the next week, the road to recovery will see some bumps. Shopkeepers in the city revived but there were less customers, although many imposed limits on how many people can go in at the same time. Shopkeepers also set up hand sanitiser dispensers for customers and examined them for signs of fever.

Travel limitations in most of the Hubei province, where Wuhan is situated, were lifted already on March 23. Also, the limitation that prevents people from putting Wuhan will end on April 8.

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