Coronavirus update: Australia latest to impose Italy travel ban

After a boost in the number of Coronavirus cases, the Federal Government of Australia has extended its travel ban to Italy. Australia has changed its travel advisory and has become the latest country to join the list of countries enforcing a travel ban on Italy. The latest advisory supports a similar ban in place for travellers in China, Iran and in South Korea.

The travel ban for Italy will come in force from 6 PM, starting today. The citizens were recently asked/recommended by the government not to travel to outside considering the serious virus outbreak. They were asked to reevaluate their need to travel outside.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, at a press conference, stated that they have informed the public against travelling to Italy. He also stated that “the ban will come into effect at 6 PM this evening and Italy itself has effectively put itself into lockdown with travel now, and this largely closes that loop.”

Italy, on the other hand, has also taken stern travel measures and has totally locked down the country for outsiders. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared that expanding restrictions on travel to cover the entire country (60 million residents) to stop the spread of the lethal virus. The move was taken after Italy’s virus death toll rose to 97 in just a day.

What’s Italy’s present situation?
The country is experiencing a complete lockdown. All the places of tourist attraction, such as museums, parks and major archaeological sites have been shut down. Almost all the marriages and major functions have been cancelled. Not only this, all the coffee shop and restaurants have been ordered to run from 6 AM to 6 PM only.

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