Coronavirus update: Arunachal Pradesh now bans entry of foreign tourists

Arunachal Pradesh has now banned the entry of foreign tourists as a preventative measure against Coronavirus outbreak.

The Arunachal Pradesh Government has briefly stopped issuing Protected Area Permits (PAPs), thereby exempting the entry of foreigners in the state, a government official informed. As per a statement issued by State Chief Secretary Naresh Singh, the state declared the suspension of Protected Area Permit that is required to visit the state. The notification, however, did not mention when the issuance of permits will start again.

Arunachal Pradesh

As per the notice of the Arunachal Pradesh Government, it states that the positive cases of Coronavirus have been discovered in India and that the numbers are growing. It is also said that the spread of the said virus is mainly spread from visitors who had a history of travelling abroad in recent times or via visitors who have visited India. Therefore, to help avoid the spread of the virus in Arunachal Pradesh, it has been agreed that the state will halt issuing the PAPs temporarily, the order noted.

The said move comes into impact barely after Sikkim and Bhutan announced similar curbs on foreigners, and virtually shutting almost all the access points to the eastern Himalayas except via Darjeeling.

Additionally, amid fears of Covid-19 spread in the Northeast, numerous testing and screening centres have been set up along India’s borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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