Chadar Trek: 41 trekkers rescued; temporary shutdown of Ladakh’s famous trek

The very renowned Chadar Trek in Ladakh was recently shut down for two days after water flooded over the ice that the voyagers must navigate through. A total of 41 voyagers had to be rescued from the flooded trek. Indian Air Force and Army had to exercise an emergency operation to save the trapped trekkers from the extreme conditions, with the temperature reading plummeting to as low as minus 3 degrees Celsius.

The mishap led to a temporary shutdown of the trek, only to be started after the passing on of bad weather and life-threatening conditions. A report was issued on the same by Leh District Magistrate Sachin Kumar Vaishya, saying “The voyagers who were stuck between Tibb and Neyraks campsites due to overflowing of water over ice have been saved and temporarily accommodated at Neyraks village.”

Chadar Trek

Rescue operations were carried out on the journey at the behest of Leh’s administrative authorities after the two parties of trekkers were informed missing. Apparently, river water started flowing on the ice that the voyagers must walkthrough for this trek. The voyagers were, thus, trapped between Tibb and Neyraks.

Chadar is one of the greatest interesting yet risky treks in the world, with voyagers having to trek on the frozen riverbed in the gigantic Himalayas. While you can definitely brace yourself and gear up for the cold, there are requests to limit the number of tourists owing to the delicate ecology here.

Chadar Trek - 1

In fact, there have been reports that state that the trek would shut down soon, due to global warming that does not let riverbed freeze. Furthermore, there have been forecasts about the disappearance of River Zanskar if global warming is not reduced soon. Specialists have projected that at the current rate, there might be no river in the next 2-3 years!

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