Canary Island give free COVID-19 insurance for travelers

The Canary Islands is preparing to relieve the problem of travelers by offering them free COVID-19 insurance. The Spanish archipelago has declared that the travel insurance will take care of medical expenses, and the expense of quarantine stay. The latest rule will be acceptable for travelers from all countries, and even those moving from mainland Spain. Though, you should be concerned that you must be staying at a lodging that has been authorized by the government.

The COVID-19 insurance is all set to start this week, and is valid for the next 12 months. Those travelers who were informed of their pre-existing Coronavirus condition before travelling are not qualified for this insurance. The insurance is also applicable for those who have personal travel insurance.

The good news is that Coronavirus cases in the Canary Islands are on the lower side and has about 166 active cases presently. The Spanish archipelago varies heavily on tourism, as 35 per cent of its GDP comes from this sector.

Though, Spain is presently affected by a second wave of Coronavirus, alongside Germany and France. Articles suggest that Spain currently has about 95 COVID-19 cases per 100000 people, and is presently at a juncture where things could get worse. With more than 500 outbreak clusters in Spain, the nation is considering to pull all stops to battle the second wave of virus.

In The Meantime, the European Union has circulated a list that mentions countries from where travelers can come in for non-essential travel.

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