Canadian Travel Guide 2019: Best Cities In Canada And How To Live There

Are you dreaming of living in Canada? Did you know that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world? You will be amazed by the breathtaking sceneries. But if you are travelling with your family, you need to consider the budget.

We list down the best cities in Canada for you and your family. These places are perfect if you’re planning an affordable summer getaway. Travel the best places in Canada and enjoy it with people you love. If you want to stay for good, this article also talks about how to become a Canadian citizen. So hop in and enjoy the ride!

Victoria, British Columbia
Are you looking for a place that every family member will enjoy? The city of Victoria is the place for you. This remarkable tourist spot is ideal for all ages. If you’re travelling with your kids, you should never miss the Bug Zoo. In Victoria’s Bug Zoo, you will experience the bug life. These are Canada’s creepy crawlers. It’s terrifying but educational. You can also head to the Butterfly Gardens to meet some of the beautiful wing animals. All these creatures are camera-friendly. So you can take pictures and pose all you want anytime.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
If you’re into historical events, the Western Development Museum in Canada is a must-visit place. This museum is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan City. Inside the museum, you can see the city’s unique story. How about the fee? Well, it’s very affordable. The family pass is CND$27 only. For art-loving kids, Remai Modern is the country’s leading art museum. You and your kid can do a lot of activities there. Wanuskewin Heritage Park, on the other hand, is one of UNESCO world heritage status, where you can play indigenous games. The family pass is only CND$30. You can make traditional crafts in a unique family tipi. Wow! A fun-filled experience for the whole family.

Montreal, Quebec
Last but not least is the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, Montreal. You probably hear a lot of amazing things about this city. For those who want to practice their French, this is the place to be. As of now, the Montreal Biodome is closed for renovations. But, they will resume this December 2019. You can see a complete collection of more than 5,000 plants and animals. The Montreal Science Center is in the town’s Old Port area. The spider exhibit is one of the best events for kids. For your young girls, the Barbie Museum in Canada is the world’s largest. Plus, it’s free.

Do You Want to Be a Canadian Citizen?
If you want to stay in these remarkable cities for good, you need to be a Canadian citizen. But the question is, how to get Canadian citizenship? Your journey begins in a Canadian Citizenship Test. If you want to be a real Canadian, you need to pass this exam. Regardless of your race, religion, and gender, you can live in Canada.

And did you know that 20% of the country’s population are immigrants? Don’t lose hope and take the exam now. If you’re not confident, don’t worry, practice tests are available on many platforms. Get your Canadian passport ready in no time, and live the Canadian dream you want.

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