7 Super-Effective Tips for Visiting China on a Budget!

Is visiting this remarkable giant of a country on a budget truly possible? It absolutely is! There are some super-effective tips for visiting China on a budget that travelers short on cash will simply love! While it’s true that China is still quite cheap to travel when compared to some of the countries in Europe, that could change pretty quickly as the number of tourists flocking to China increases by the day. So, before that happens, why not travel China on a budget? We know scoring a free trip to China isn’t really possible even for those who have relatives here. But backpacking China on a budget can definitely be done. To get started, check out our list below of the best tips for visiting China on a budget.

Top Budget Travel Tips for China:

There are several China travel blogs that will tell you about the country’s top attractions but won’t give you tips for visiting China on a budget. So how easy is it to travel around China on a budget? As it turns out, China is quite easy to travel on a budget for experienced and novice travelers alike. To know how it can be done, take a close look at our below-listed budget travel tips for China. Become a pro at budget traveling and you can even make affordable spontaneous trips on last minute flights!

1. Off-season travel will save you big bucks
Festivals and public holidays are a dramatic and expensive affair in China. You will easily pay twice the amount for pretty much everything if you visit during a big festival. One of the best tips for visiting China on a budget is to go when it doesn’t peak tourist season. Accommodation and other travel expenses will cost much less and you’ll be able to save more. Also, there won’t be large, nagging tourist crowds at popular attractions. You can sightsee in peace and spend as many days in China as you want.

2. Stay off the tourist trail
One of the best and most effective tips for visiting China on a budget is to keep off the popular tourist trail. Keep away from tempting tour packages that will cut down more than half of your travel savings. An alternative is to pick rural and lesser-famous provinces over popular metropolitan cities. Not only will you enjoy exploring this part of China, but you will also be doing it at a much less cost. If you have to visit a major city, limit your time there.

3. Choose train travel over flights

While it may seem like business class flights cost less in a local carrier, they may not be the smartest travel choice. You will be surprised to know that train travel is a lot more affordable than air travel in China. There are high-speed as well as regular trains that connect all major and a few remote parts of China. Pick a train ride over flights and be amazed at how little you have to spend! Also, it’s the best way to enjoy picturesque landscapes as you pass various regions.

4. Skip hotels in favour of hostels
You may find cheap hotels to stay in China. However, hostels in China can cost you a lot less, often, by more than half the amount! You can use online web portals to find good hostels in China that will cater to your budget. If you’re travelling with family, many hostels will offer private rooms. Staying at hostels is among the best tips for visiting China on a budget. Another bonus point is that most of the hostels will have English-speaking staff and are located in important parts of the city.

5. Pick hole-in-the-wall eateries
How much would a trip to China cost? Well, that depends on what you do here. For instance, indulging in fine dining all the time will deplete your resources at lightning speed. If you’re a foodie, one of the best tips for visiting China on a budget is to eat street food. Not only is the food as authentic as in a high-end restaurant, but it also comes at less than half that amount. Pick hole-in-the-wall eateries and corner food stalls for a quick bite.

6. Make smart money choices
Making intelligent money-related choices is among the topmost tips for visiting China on a budget. For instance, pick a credit card that will charge you very little or no foreign transaction fee. You must also bring along your ATM card as cash is the only way you can transact in smaller towns and rural areas. Also, exchanging currency at the airport will attract massive fees. So, get it done at a reliable bank instead. 

7. Consider teaching English
Is China cheap to travel long-term? Why not! The best way to do this is to consider getting a teaching job in China. With rapid progress, China has a high demand for English trainers. Even non-native speakers can get a job as an English teacher pretty much anywhere. So, before you book cheap flights to China, pick a province you’d like to explore and teach English for at least one semester. The school will compensate for your accommodation and transport in addition to a decent salary. Isn’t this among the best tips for visiting China on a budget!

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