Bhutan considering to levy entry fees for regional tourists

To guarantee that the country remains a limited traveler destination, the Bhutan Government is considering to present few measures. With Bhutan observing development in the footfall of travelers, it has been quickly marching toward mass travel destination, frequently facing congestion problem from the neighboring countries.

While many foreign tour firms are drawing back from the country citing that it has turned into a loud place, many foreign sightseers are complaining that they are assured to pay a much higher price for hotel rooms than local tourists.

Bhutan considering to levy entry fees for regional tourists

People from Bangladesh, India and Maldives relish the status of local tourists in Bhutan and in such a condition, when the Bhutan Government is trying to find a answer to tackle the congestion issue, the local tourists might have to make themselves to face the brunt.

As per newest reports, the Bhutan Government is scheduling to control visitor inflow within a year by announcing a fee for local tourists as suggested by the Pay Commission.

Lately, the Fourth Bhutan Pay Commission has also suggested that the government should levy a nominal Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) on local tourists. And if applied, charging SDF will benefit the government to make a revenue of around INR 4.25 crore on a yearly basis.

The government is also scheduling to standardize the charges of low-budget guesthouses in the country and confirming that hotels take in a restricted number of local travelers. Additionally, as per reports, the Tourism Council of Bhutan will also be monitoring the hotel services in the country.

Not just this, the nation will also keep a check on the number of foreign automobiles coming into the country.

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