Bhaderwah, the Mini-Kashmir, is now taking the limelight for all good reasons

With travelers looking the other way rather than Kashmir, due to safety issues, Bhaderwah is becoming the new hot favorite of the explorers. This less-explored destination, enclosed with snow-covered peaks and lush green forests, is taking over all the limelight in Jammu.

As per the Chief Executive Officer of the Bhaderwah Development Authority (BDA), Bhaderwah has by now received a record number of 2.15 lakh holidaymakers, with a regular count of 18000 to 20000 holidaymakers arriving daily. So, to meet the necessities, the residents have now unlocked their doors, giving holidaymakers the choice of homestays at a nominal charge.

Bhaderwah, the Mini-Kashmir, is now taking the limelight for all good reasons

Gratefully, the state government’s unfamiliarity toward this place did not put it off the tracks. In fact, the residents never shied away from evolving whatever tourism setup they could. The temperature here hovers between 13 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius, thereby offering travellers the much-needed break from the boiling heat in the plains.

Also, the lush green meadows of Padri Pass, which is about 40 km from here, on the interstate road connecting Chamba, is fast becoming a tourist hotspot owing to its easy approachability for the travelers visiting Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, there are other tourist destinations that have been established by locals around Bhaderwah; most, giving lodging and boarding to facilitate the tourists.

Bhaderwah is enclosed by plum, apple, and peach orchards, giving it the title of Mini-Kashmir. Though, what brings this spot into the attention is its admiration through people and images on social media platforms, posted by the residents and tourists alike.

Reportedly, the newest official figures link that with 25000 people being directly or indirectly involved in Bhaderwah’s tourism business, it is now the major contributor to the local economy.

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