Best Fashion Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2019

Twitter is the best recipe for fashion geeks, and in this article, I have tried to divert your attention to the most influential Twitter accounts that post enormously popular fashion stuff. These accounts are not only responsible for giving you a thorough insight into the latest fashion trends, but they will also guide you about the best suitable style that matches your personality. So, let’s discuss some of the popular Twitter accounts in detail:

Opening Ceremony – @Openingceremony
It is a multi-national shopping destination for intense fashion seekers. It posts nail-biting fashion accessories that attract thousands of customers. It also tells you about the upcoming products of famous fashion brands. – @VogueParis
Are you interested in European fashion, especially in the Spanish region? If yes, then subscribing to this Twitter account will do all the things for you. Vogue is one of the most famous fashion magazines, which is read by millions of people.

Danielle Bernstein – @WeWoreWhat
This lady will supply all types of fashion wears. You just need to tell her that you want a dress like this, and this lady will fill your shelf with elegant and captivating dresses. You should be consulting her if you need something stylish to wear.  

Kyle Anderson – @KyleEditor
Kyle is a stylist, model, fashion consultant, and style editor. He is the brand ambassador of Marie Claire, a French magazine that posts fashion related stuff. His main area of concern is the fashion of adults, and therefore, he publishes men-related fashion tips. 

Refinery – @Refinery29 
This account updates its followers on the latest trends of fashion and style. They post street style pictures and elegant shots to entice Twitter followers. You should follow this account if you want to keep yourself up-to-date on modern fashion. 

Cathy Horyn – @CathyHorynNYT
Apart from being a fashion geek, this lady is also a writer in the New York Times. This lady guides the fashion thirsty people through her writings and incorporates the styles of innovative fashion in her blog.

Scott Schuman – @Sartorialist
This guy runs a blog where he posts regular stuff on the latest men styles. Men need to follow this account to have an idea about the latest garments and shirts. He also posts stylish videos about the latest men’s wear. 

The Fashion Office – @FashionOffice
This Twitter account instils the values of fashion with art. It tells the users about creative ways to tweet your pictures and videos. The main focus of this Twitter account is to post enticing stuff that could help the users in modern fashion. 

ShionaTurini – @Shionat
This lady has stuffed her tweets with her Instagram fashion photos. She is a personal guide, motivator, and a stylish human being with great interest in modern dresses. She guides her followers by wearing different dresses and jackets. 

Man Repeller – @Manrepeller
This lady tries to advertise fashion brands with slight humour. People everywhere like the fun part of something and this girl exploits this sense to satisfy her visitors. She usually posts her pictures by wearing traditional dresses that are preferred by vintage customers. 

You can utilize this social media giant to renovate your personality as per the innovative fashion trends. You just need to follow the accounts as mentioned earlier to get yourself involved in the relentless field of fashion and style. You can also visit this site to know more about the latest ways to download Videos from Instagram Downloaders.

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