Bahamas’ tale of an underwater mermaid and the grand piano

Bahamas’ underworld will blow you in many ways. It is not just the varied marine life here, for there are other revelations as well. One such amazement that awaits the snorkelers underneath the waves in a secluded island in the Bahamas is a grand piano with a life-size sculpture of a mermaid lounging atop the ocean floor. The sight is wonderful if you go by the word of those who have been there.

The Bahamas is encircled by around 700 islands and 2400 cays, which cast magical with spectacular corals and ocean trenches that cannot be found anywhere else. Here, many minor islands are secretly owned, which can be reserved for a memorable vacation. Also, because one can buy an island in this wonderland for $5 million and up here, you might just bump into someone, who is a landlord of an island here. Likewise, one of the islands in Musha Cay is owned by the renowned illusionist David Copperfield. In 2011, he hired an artist to sculpt a statue of a life-size mermaid looking at a grand piano. After this, he sank the statue in around 13 to 15 ft water off Rudder Cay, which lies in the south of Musha Cay, to give an unusual surprise to the divers. He, then, opened a contest to see if anyone is attracted or can even find it. Ever since it has become a trendy site for snorkelling.

It, however, becomes a bit tricky to spot these sculptures hidden below the surface when the present whisks the sand and clouds the water. Uncovering them on a clear day is not a difficult task, but very wonderful to say the least. Those capable of holding their breath for a while can swim down and photo, posing atop the bench!

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