Auto drivers in Bengaluru turn into delivery boys amid COVID-19 shutdown

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, auto drivers in Bengaluru have taken the charge of delivering essentials such as food stuffs and medicines to people. A city-based social group called the Three Wheels United (a tech-driven finance firm for light electric vehicles, comprising of autos) has introduced an initiative for auto drivers to offer door-to-door deliveries of essential supplies to people who are in vulnerable conditions.

The company tweeted about the facility and told that the auto drivers have been looped in for the maintenance that might be free-of-cost or would charge a minimal fee.

As the entire country is under a lockdown situation, the auto riders have no way of earning as there are no riders on the roads. The auto-rickshaw drivers’ income has gone down due to reduced activities and therefore the social organisation has offered a helping hand by offering them with an opportunity to earn bare minimum income during these tough times.

The superb initiative comes when the government has announced a total shutdown to reduce the increasing numbers of Coronavirus positive cases in the country. The company, other than helping the auto drivers, is also assisting individuals, mainly old people by supplying them with essential services. It is also assisting local shops make money by linking them to consumers in need.

The distribution service will either be offered free of cost or at a very low cost. It is mainly for vulnerable people who are either old, disabled, or belong to those who fall in the lower-income group. As of now, Karnataka has 55 positive COVID-19 cases; including these, 32 cases are from Bengaluru. So, living at home is the only helpful option to break the virus chain.

The project in Bengaluru is a wonderful example of combining compassion with practical initiatives.

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