Australia offers its working holidaymaker visa programme for India

Australia’s Working Holiday Maker Visa Programme will not be growing to a lot more countries, including India. This would allow Australia to recruit workers to help the labour lack issue that it is presently facing. The labour deficiency is predominantly so in Australian farms, according to Immigration Minister David Coleman.

The Australian government is also deciding on whether to spread this scheme in order to take in travellers from 13 countries to find labours for farms. The programme includes Working Holiday visa, and Work and Holiday visa, and is essentially a cultural exchange programme allowing young people to travel, and also get service to earn money. So, the way we see it, this could be a great chance for you to travel and explore Australia while hitting in some work at the same time.

Australia is also going to develop this programme to other countries besides India, and these include Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Switzerland, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Andorra, Monaco, and Mongolia.

The existing programme allows travellers to work in the country during their stay. Though, this saw a deterioration, again leading to a shortage of workers. The programme has seen a steady decline over the last five years; this March, about 1,50,000 people were on a working holiday visa in the country. It has also been noted that the working holiday visa guests are frequently in the regional areas, and when they spend, it inclines to improve regional economies.

So well, now you have this stunning country to work and travel for a short amount of time while making money as well.

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