Are you ready to stay in this Cartoon Network-themed hotel in 2020?

Many of us have grown up viewing Cartoon Network and loving the popular personalities such as Dexter-DiDi, The Powerpuff Girls, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo and his gang, The Addams Family and so on. Imagine how it would be if you could really live, dine and spend your time in leisure time among all those adorable cartoon characters!

Well, come 2020, and the Cartoon Network Hotel will make this dream go true for all the cartoon enthusiasts across the world. The hotel will be functioning in Lancaster Pennsylvania, adjoining to the Dutch Wonderland, in the USA. The reservations for rooms in the hotel will start June 2020 onward.

Apparently, this resort-like property will have cartoon character-themed guest rooms, suites and a lively lobby that will take you to a world of those eccentric cartoons. The property will cover up to nine acres area of land and will have 165 rooms, an interior pool, an outdoor water park, a play area, a game room, a Cartoon Network souvenir store, and a coffee shop amongst other features.

Apparently, the CEO of Palace Entertainment, Rolf Paeger, has guaranteed to make the Cartoon Network hotel distinct from its contemporaries in the region. The theme of the hotel will make it an interactive and breathtaking experience at every step of the property.
In addition, the Cartoon Network Hotel will work in partnership with the Dutch Wonderland situated next to it. All the visitors of the hotel can get exclusive admission and ride discounts to the Dutch Wonderland Park.

Nevertheless, the exact date of inauguration of the Cartoon Network Hotel has not been verified yet. The standard room price for hotel rooms will start at $289 (INR 20,737) a night and the Dream Suite of the hotel begins at $489 (INR 35,088) a night.

However, we have an opportunity to head start preparing for a happy-go-lucky experience that this unique hotel has guaranteed to offer.

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