Architecture firm shares concept for boutique hotel partially hanging from a 1,982-foot cliff in Norway

A Turkish design firm has lately shared its idea for a boutique hotel positioned on a nearly 2,000-foot cliff overlooking a fjord in southern Norway — and not everybody who has seen the concept art is rushing to book a reservation.

The proposed project, named as the “Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel,” visualizes the hotel built just under the plateau of the Preikestolen, which is defined as “the most famous tourist attraction in Ryfylke,” according to

The concept art for the venture, which comes from the Hayti Atak Architectural Design Studio, displays at least four floors of the hotel built into the Preikestolen, with three balconies bulging out over the cliff, while a fourth, comprising a pool, juts out far over the edge.

Naturally, not everyone on social media was hopping at the chance to visit the planned hotel.

“Only the brave,” wrote one Instagram commenter.

“Scary pool,” added another.

“I guess that’s another way to ruin nature,” someone else remarked, apparently unhappy with what the project might mean for Preikestolen “if it’s built.”

Many others, meanwhile, appeared genuinely happy by the concept art.

”Really love it,” one Instagram user wrote. “Can’t wait to book my room there.”

“It’s very beautiful [and] terrifying,” another said.

The hotel, for the meantime, is only a concept planned by the Hayri Atak studio, the firm confirmed. “[People have] actually asked that question regularly,” a representative for Hayri Atak told Fox News. “AT first I thought they were joking, then things got more serious.”

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