Agra Mayor urges for the closure of Taj Mahal to prevent Coronavirus outbreak

Agra Mayor Naveen Jain has advised the Central government to order the closure of Taj Mahal till the end of March in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak. Mr Jain has wished for the closure of other monuments, involving the Taj Mahal, across the nation to curb further spread of Coronavirus.

He said that “Foreign tourists in large numbers visit Agra, this increases the possibilities of spread of coronavirus in the city. I urge the government of India to close all historical monuments in the country including the Taj Mahal till the time condition doesn’t come under control.”

Taj Mahal

While it seems like a sensible move, the tourism industry stakeholders in the city are miffed about the same. It must be noted that this is the peak season, October to March, for the tourism industry in the city; shutting down the Taj Mahal even on a short-term basis would lead to income loss.

Mr Jain also stated that the locals are worried about foreigners visiting the city after it was visited by 14 Italian tourists, who later examined positive for Coronavirus. He also reiterated that if monuments across the country are temporarily shut, more cases of Coronavirus in the country can be avoided.

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