Agra is the latest city to get its first microbrewery

Agra is the newest city to get its initial micro-brewery, where consumers would be provided freshly brewed draught beer. Principal Secretary for Excise said that after studying important documents, the state government approved permission to issue MB-5 licence for setting up a microbrewery in an Agra restaurant to produce draught beer and serve the customers within its properties.

The MB-5 license that has been given to an Agra restaurant for setting up a microbrewery is the first such licence that has been released by the government under the newly amended UP Brewery Rules of 1961. Mentioning to this development, officials acknowledged that the reason behind choosing this city was the large inflow of visitors in the city, both domestic and international, famous for Taj Mahal.

The state brought this policy as there is a massive demand for freshly brewed beer. States like Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana have had facilities for microbreweries for some time now, and this will promote both tourism and employment generation in the state, a senior official stated. He also added that the government was processing five more applications and would permit more licences as and when they received more applications.

Authorization to the Agra restaurant had also been granted on the condition that the UP-Brewery Rules will be complied with. Breaching the rules will attract a fine of INR 5000 per day. The Excise Department notified that this will become the first place to serve ‘non-pasteurised and fresh beer’ to clients.

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