A new international airport unlocks in Egypt to boost tourism

Egypt, the land of pharaohs and pyramids, has newly opened a new international airport in Cairo on an experimental basis for one month. The facility, by the tag of the Capital International Airport, in Cairo has situated 48 KM to the east of the city. Apparently, it will help the purpose of releasing the load on the Cairo International Airport.

Another airport, close to the Giza Pyramids situated to the west of Cairo, also ongoing its operations in January 2019. It has been termed the Sphinx International Airport.

A new international airport unlocks in Egypt to boost tourism

In a discussion with the journalists, Aviation Minister, Younis Al-Masry stated that the Capital Airport will partially lift off the pressure from the Sphinx Airport and Cairo International Airport. The new airport would cater to the areas situated east of Cairo as well as the cities scattered along the Suez Canal.

According to the news reports, the Capital International Airport will function with an hourly size of 300 passengers in the one month of its experimental basis. The two new airports will also help in giving a boost to holidaymaker arrivals in Egypt, which is a key foundation of overseas revenue for the government. With the inaugural of the new Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020, it is likely that the Sphinx International Airport situated to the west of Cairo and would help in managing more traveller arrivals.

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