7 Reasons Why Booking through a Travel Agency Is the Best Way to Travel

With the number of tourists increasing every month, 2019 has been the year with a record number of tourists travelling the globe through the skies, rivers and the seas. Travel has never been more complicated, and many travellers will realize that they are missing out on a lot of experiences when they don’t use a travel agent. 

If you are planning a vacation next year, and have yet to decide whether or not to book through a travel agency; here are 7 reasons why booking through a travel agency is the best way for you to travel

A more enriched experience

Travel agencies will tell you more about your destination than your solo Google search will tell you. Also, the world is constantly changing and the travel agency is always keeping checks on the destinations they offer. Is it safe to travel to the Middle East? How are the weather conditions in the Caribbean? Travel agents don’t just sell a destination off the map. They first discover and experience it themselves over and over again. Furthermore booking through group travel agencies will provide you with an even more enriched experience. This is especially because of cultural diversity in the travel groups as well as people from all sorts of professional backgrounds including students opt for group travel. 

Better resources

Travel agencies have links to a wide range of tools that the average consumer isn’t able to access while booking on the internet. They can help you get your hands on exclusive deals, like better seats on an aeroplane, added amenities at hotels, tickets to fancy events, shows etc. 

Booking through a travel agency is convenient

Let us be honest, nobody wants to waste their time going through different online deals and in the end, you don’t even get the best deal because sites can be tricky and you never really know about the hidden charges. Travel agencies will usually ask you for an exact amount that you need to spend on a particular vacation. There is a definite difference between travel inspiration and actual travel desires, and what may look good only might not always be the best option for you. So booking through a travel agency will definitely help you get the most out of your travelling experience

Added Value

There is a lot of value that a travel agent can add to your travel experience, perks that you can’t even dream of. Ever wonder why the people in the cabin next to you are getting welcoming treats and an extra nice pair of noise-cancelling earphones? Well, it’s maybe because they probably booked their vacation through a travel agency. Additionally, you can derive more value if you choose to book your vacation through group travel agencies. In this way, you can get cheaper rates and have more enhanced travel experience.   

Travel agencies will always have your backup

If you plan on booking online and travelling alone then good luck! You are going to have to deal with the hassle of rescheduled flights, lost luggage, stuck on the airport during your transit and that’s only the beginning! However, if you book through a travel agency you can be sure that the travel agency is definitely going to be your advocate. They will help you find your lost luggage, in case of any natural disasters, and if you happen to get stuck in any location they will help you get your trip back on track.

Travel agencies are the true travel gurus

Most travel agents have years of experience in travel under their belt, and it is part of their job to stay on top of the best trends and destinations. They know more about the culture, activities and even cuisine of your destination than you can ever find out about on the internet. Travel agencies usually have the upper hand knowledge on the best locations to travel, which weather is ideal for travelling and which location is going to be the next hot “it” place to travel to. 

Booking through a travel agency won’t cost you extra

Contrary to popular believe travel agencies and travel agents don’t exist to rip you off. It’s true that booking a vacation through a travel agency will cost you a bit more but let rest assure, that it is going to be totally worth it. You will be provided with a fully-fledged itinerary as well as details of all the accommodations and hotels you will be staying in. Most travel agencies pride themselves in providing their customers with the best locations (i.e., cruise vacations in Europe). Some travel agencies will offer you package deals; which will cost you less money than booking the trip on your own – which is definitely good news for your wallet


One of the most ideal ways to find a good travel agency is to ask around from your friends and family. Know a friend or perhaps an uncle who travels a lot? Ask them about the travel agency they are using. Before you plan any trip or vacation, make sure you are fully aware and familiar with all the potential fees before you contact a travel agency. In fact, contact several different ones and go with the best fit. Once you decide which travel agency is the best one for you, and then don’t shy away from negotiating on a price that suits your budget the best. Ask them about all the details of your trip especially if you are planning on travelling to somewhere special like a once in a lifetime African Safari. If this is your first trip then try to find an agency that are experts and know the area inside out. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, remember you are hiring them to help you plan your trip so be comfortable and make the most of their services.

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