7 European countries lift travel ban on couples

Many of European countries are enabling travel in order to unite the couples. The first one to start such travels was Denmark, early in July. And, as of now, as many as seven countries have entered the bandwagon. Countries that are in the list are Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland. According to them, Love is Not Tourism campaign.

Apparently, Switzerland is the latest country that has opened boundaries for love. From August, anyone with a partner in Switzerland will be able to enter “if they can give proof of the relationship”, the government confirmed. This will also be relevant to any third country national, who is in a romantic relationship or other close partnership, even if the couple is in a recorded partnership and is not married.

Under the hashtags #LoveIsIsEssential, LoveIsNotTourism and #DoItLikeDenmark, the campaign to permit waivers for couples has gained widespread fame, and gained support from politicians and other public figures too.

7 European countries lift travel ban on couples

Unmarried couples have been raising voices when some travel limitations were being raised, calling on European countries to make it possible for them to be together again. Previously, some of the countries that were still prohibited weren’t even close to meeting the requirements of European Union for managing the Coronavirus before they could travel to continue. During that time, the EU urged the member states to discharge unmarried people with partners in Europe from the travel ban.

However, only Denmark and Sweden originally followed the suggestions. Thankfully, now, as many as seven countries are permitting travel to enable couples to reunite.

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