5 Superlative Spots in India For Sports and Adventure

India has had a great and rich history in the field of sports and adventure. Also over the years, the people in this country have grown more aware about adventure sports. As a result, the growth of adventure sports in India has been massive and more and more people are appreciating its thrill. As a travel destination, India is a complete package, filled with the delightfulness of mother nature, spiritual calmness of its rich heritage, wonderful monuments and not to forget the great fun of adventure sports. From bungee jumping to scuba diving, river rafting to paragliding this country gives you an adrenaline rush in the way you want it. Though many people denounce the availability of adventure sports in our country, it is not so. Let us see a few amazing spots that will make you believe in the wonderful adventure sports that you can experience in this country.

Skiing in Kashmir

We all know Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is also one great place for skiing in India. With its fair share of snowfall, this place in India not only looks heavenly but also attracts skiing enthusiasts from all around the country. Gulmarg is a well-known place for skiing. The cool air grazing your face while you are pacing down-hill on your skis is something that will make you wish that your ski trip never comes to an end. For what it’s worth skiing is one of the most liked adventure sports and is not to be found in a lot of places. With three baby hills made you can even train yourself from an amateur to a pro and find that hidden talent of skiing within you. Apart from this one can also take on the snowboard or go for sledging.

River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh

We all love speed, don’t we? And that feeling of Adrenaline rushing through our stomach, oh! How can that feeling be avoided? This river rafting experience in the Himalayas will make sure that your thirst for adrenaline is quenched. With a great river flow speed, this place in India is the best place to hit the white waters that are sure to make you skip a beat. Beginning with a dive into the swift waters from a decent height to getting on the raft, this experience is sure to get etched in your memory of eternity. With safety measures taken well care off and an amazing atmosphere, this is the one thing you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Trekking in Arunachal

Lately, trekking has been an experience that a lot of people are interested in. For people coming to India, their desire for trekking shall not be left unanswered. Arunachal is ready to provide you with few of the most wonderful trekking experience. The renowned Bomdila Trek, Na Nuranang Trek and the Twang Mago Trek are few of the most delightful trek destinations that you can experience. With a great squad of trek guides, this trek will surely be a heart-throbbing experience as well as a great opportunity to reconnect with your inner self.

Scuba Diving In The Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands have gained a lot of attention in these recent years and has been a great place where people get to experience the wonders of the sea. Experiencing the fishes and planktons move freely underwater is surely something that everyone wishes to experience at least once. Watching the corals and watch every action happening rather slow diving is a great thing to strike off your To-Do list. Feeling like free fall, from the moment you go into the great blue to the time you get back aboard, the whole experience is worth a chance. Make sure to experience the deep waters is are up for some serious adventure sports.

Bungee Jumping In Karnataka/Himachal

Bungee jumping is one extreme sport that has also recently gained a lot of popularity and people’s desire to experience the free fall is well fulfilled by India. Bungee jumping is available in Rishikesh in Himachal and at Mysore in Karnataka. Rishikesh’s 83 meters’ drop is sure to make you feel the weightlessness and quench your thirst for adrenaline. The cool air, beautiful nature and a few moments of no force holding you is something that every adventure seeker needs to try at least once in their life.

These are a few of the most famous adventure sports that this amazing country has to offer. trying these sports out should make to the top of your list of things that you wish to do on the trip. Among these, there are also experiences like paragliding in Maharashtra, mountaineering in Uttarakhand, Fox flying in Karnataka, water sports in Goa and rock climbing in Madhya Pradesh that are worth your experience. 

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