5 Creative Tips on How to Survive During the Exam Session

With the holidays quickly approaching, there is one more hurdle that students have to cross to celebrate freely. Exams.

After a roller-coaster of a semester, the panic of the exams is finally starting to hit. The session of tests, even before it commences, has a stronghold on students. On the one hand, there is plenty of the holiday spirit to distract you, and on the other, the motivation to perform your best in academics.

It is indeed a tricky time. That does not mean that you have to let it control you. There are more than a couple of ways to help cope with the pressure and prepare for the exams. You might have already read plenty on how to plan, organize, and look into the learning techniques.

However, in this article, we have come up with some creative ways that will not only boost your spirit but help you face the tests with confidence.

Feel Good to Perform Good: Haven’t you heard the term dress for success? Looking really well will immediately uplift your mood and make you confident and optimistic. 
Feeling good about yourself and staying positive can yield incredible results. Now, apply this not only for interviews but for exams as well. 
In a 2015 study on The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing, it was observed that wearing formal clothes provoked creativity, which further induced abstract processing. 
After cramming all days in your pajamas, put some effort into getting up early on the X-day, have a proper breakfast, and dress up. You will instantly notice positivity all around. 

Finding the Focus: When you are anxious about the exams, it is only common to lose focus. The more you worry, the more you end up wasting time being distracted. Add a dose of social media, and you will hardly get a couple of hours of thorough focus. So how to tackle this? 
When you are upset over something, trying to concentrate on that assignment will produce a lame result. Instead, put it aside and rejuvenate yourself first. If the deadline is too close, there is always a possibility to buy essay online safe from reliable and confidential writing platforms. 
Today’s world offers lots of opportunities, so the only task we have is to stay away from unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Try to Unfocus: The fact that you had been indolent the entire semester would be striking you only during the exam session. The textbooks might feel as if they are written in an alien language. The only solution might feel like trying to engulf as much as you can in the last few remaining days. 
However, this could be doing more harm to you. Researchers from Harvard Medical school published an article on how important it is to turn off your brain. If you are preparing for a creative session, then you need at least 90 minutes of sleep. Without that, the chances are that your mind would go blank on even the subjects you studied the previous night. 

Get Moving: On the very same lines, do not shut yourself up in a library or your dorm room throughout the week. You need to study, but that shouldn’t stop you from having some fun and going out for a while. Even walking out for some time could boost creative thinking. 
Several studies have looked into the effects of free-walking on brain activity. It was examined that the activity indeed benefited divergent thinking among adults. It can also result in an improvement in flexibility and fluency. 
Try to switch between different study locations, invite your friends over, and make exams more than about cramming only. So go out, get some fresh air, and when you come back, you will feel more willing to focus.

On the Last Note: Finally, if you are feeling no motivation to get through the exams at all, remember that it is not the end of the world. After the rain comes the rainbow. You will get to have fun, have all the time in the world to chill and relax.
So do not succumb to the pressure. There is plenty more to be happy about if you can get over these few weeks of hard work. It will only merit you in ways of graduation, degree, and a job. 
Visualize all the best things that can happen to you after passing these exams and let that be the motivation to get through the session. 
Exams are certainly important. But it is not a reason to drop every other aspect of life. It will make you anxious and will affect your performance. Make time for yourself, eat healthily and land on a routine that will help increase your productivity and keep you happy. 

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