5 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Let’s face it, the honeymoon is the most amazing part about getting married and undoubtedly the only thing you look forward to after the madness of your wedding ceremony. Apparently, not everyone has the funds for a luxury vacation particularly right after splurging on the wedding. Though, this doesn’t mean you don’t get an excellent honeymoon at a beautiful destination. We know how hectic weddings which can be is why a romantic escape is absolutely called for. Here is a list of fabulous destinations where you can relish some alone time with your companion without burning a hole in your pocket.

The primary and most obvious choice for every just married couple. Even though the island is more picturesque than romantic, couples still favour this place because of the serenity it offers. Bali is more than just dreamy sunsets and whole-hearted generosity. You can visit and stay in one of those villas on the beach and indulge in water sports. If you want to do something exciting, head east to the enjoy waters sports and swim alongside corals. Discover the rice fields, valleys and forested volcanic mountains that the island is known for. You can also check out the popular nightspots that offer thrilling clubbing scenes. Though, if you are looking for something more on the daring side, go for a jog on the mountain tracks which lead up to the shopping streets. Oh and of course, indulge in their delicious local cuisine while you’re at it. 

When we listen Nepal, we think about the Himalayan peaks. But who knew the little Asian country has also got an idealistic romantic side to it? Be it camp out near the lake, hiking or going for a helicopter ride, it has it all. But if you are not a fan of exciting activities, you can constantly walk around the streets of Nepal with your loved one. Sounds dreamy, right? Even though the place doesn’t have much of a club scene, it’s a great place to relink with nature and get to know your companion better. We would recommend you and your companion to stay in Pokhara, known for its lakes and valleys, to make your honeymoon even more romantic and unforgettable. The finest part is you can visit the place the whole year round and you don’t even need a visa.

If you and your companion appreciate culture and history then, this will be the seamless honeymoon destination for you. This destination is bursting with ancient temples and forts with fascinating backstories and natural beauty. The places worth visiting are Paro Valley and the capital Thimpu to get closer to their cultural history.

Sri Lanka
If you are somebody who loves getting away from city life and hiding away in serenity, Sri Lanka is just the place for you. This nation has nothing but striking locations that will add up to the intimacy. The perfect place to go would be Mirissa which is an isolated beach. You can watch whales and dolphins dip by while you’re there. But if you’re more of a mountain person, take a train and travel to this little mountain village called Ella and take a way of walking in the middle of tea estates and jungle canopies.

Cambodia is one of those honeymoon destinations that will give you a comfy experience on a budget. This place will give you a unique culture experience along with contemporary art experience. They have several amazing little indoor and outdoor coffee bars that have their own gardens and flavoured plates, picture-perfect for unprepared date plans. In addition, white sands and turquoise water will transport you into a state of tranquillity.

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