5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Honouring the New Year is one of the few traditions cherished all around the globe, and with just about every nation celebrating in some way, the choices of where to spend the upcoming New Year’s Eve are overwhelmingly infinite. However, there are certain destinations that are sure to be a hit, with the most fantastic fireworks, spectacular parties and breathtaking sceneries. Here are the best places in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve:

1. New York City, USA

Since the beginning of the last century, crowds have flooded into Times Square on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop, an iconic scene that is broadcast all over the world each year, with over a billion amazed spectators. And even though this star-studded spectacle undoubtedly deserves a place on anyone’s bucket list, there are many other fantastic spots to welcome the New Year in New York City if you want to get away from the midtown chaos and enjoy a more refined and intimate affair. Astonishing cocktail parties are taking place all over the city, from annual black-tie celebrations to iconic jazz events and amazing rooftop dance parties, so anyone can find something to enjoy on New Year’s Eve.

2. Sydney, Australia

Being one of the first capital cities in the world to greet the New Year, there’s no wonder Sydney is filled with some incredible celebratory options. At Sydney Harbor, you can join boats filled with admirers to watch the breathtaking firework display overhead at midnight, or even party at the Royal Botanic Garden, right on Sydney Harbor’s shores. Apart from a massive dance party on Bondi Beach and the 12-minute firework display filled with some of the most incredible pyrotechnic elements you’ll ever see, you can also expect to witness indigenous smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers, mini-light shows and a lighted boat parade. So, grab your Sydney NYE tickets now and prepare for the best night of your life.

3. Paris, France

It doesn’t get much more romantic than watching the incredible light show and fireworks display at the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, or even taking one of the many amazing New Year’s Eve boat cruises along the Seine if you prefer to have some privacy in a more intimate venue. No matter what your idea of a perfect New Year’s Eve celebration is, there’s no denying you’ll simply fall in love with the City of Light when you see the streets come alive with thousands of people celebrating with plenty of champagne and dancing the night away.

4. London, United Kingdom

Greenwich Mean Time is the standard from which all other time zones are measured and kept, so it’s no wonder that Big Ben has become such a New Year’s icon, but it also provides a stunning backdrop for the city’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display, along with the famous London Eye. This event has become so popular that London now sells tickets for attendance that start selling out as early as September, so it’s wise to plan far ahead for an up-close look at the impressive display. But Londoners know how to have a jolly good time all over town, from the hipster bars of Brick Lane and cruises along the Thames River to the chic establishments of Mayfair and the Natural History Museum, which hosts its annual New Year’s Eve dance party.

5. Hong Kong, China

Although New Year’s Eve might not be the biggest celebration in Hong Kong, the show over Victoria Harbor is anything but modest, with synchronized fireworks visible from almost every part of the city. A night-long street party invigorates the massive crowds and ‘shooting stars’ begin at 11 pm, marking the final hour, with rooftop launches every 15 minutes until the final, main even at midnight. If you want to experience this amazing display, you can take it all in on a traditional junk boat cruise, or better yet, from a sky-high rooftop bar, and welcome the New Year with open arms in wonderful Hong Kong.

If you want to see new landscapes, experience new environments and cultures, and meet some new, interesting people this New Year’s Eve, the incredible destinations listed above are some of the best places in the world for a night filled with entertainment and fun you’ll never forget.

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