3 Places Wealthy And Rich Travelers Are Booking Right Now

Whether, where, or how US citizens begin traveling again after the coronavirus is still in the bubble. But, a few industry experts perceive signs or indications that at least some tourists, especially well-heeled ones, anticipate starting traveling again during the holiday season.

And the wealthier ones will be more than willing to fly are directed, mainly to warm-weather places overseas. Although summer travel options may seem super early to call, concentration and interests are now turning to the year-end holidays. 

For most people, spending the year-end holidays with family and friends somewhere else is a tradition they want to keep, particularly this year. Below are three destinations wealthy travelers are booking for the holidays. Read on!



When you’ve traveled almost the entire world, you would surely understand why Egypt is a country that’s underrated. This country harbors such well-preserved and immense history, as well as a unique culture that can only be seen in this underrated corner of North Africa.

Finally, Egypt is starting to earn the recognition and attention it deserves after being dubbed as the fastest-growing travel destination by the WTO (World Tourism Organization). The largest and biggest archaeological museum in the entire world, the Grand Egyptian Museum, will open to the tourists.

Additionally, the exhibits will cover lots of ancient Egyptian artifacts that will be seen for the first time. However, due to the pandemic, its original opening date was delayed until 2021. Nevertheless, the best way to explore this amazing country is by enjoying a Nile River cruise. 

New Zealand And Australia

New Zealand And Australia

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, stated on May 8 a 3-step plan for reopening. In this plan, the country will slowly and cautiously take measures to resume or get back to their normal life. The final step of the plan covers the trans-Tasman bubble.

It means that eventually, travel between New Zealand and Australia will be allowed, thanks to their excellent handling of the pandemic. Both countries continued to account for low growth rates, deaths, and active numbers. 



Due to the restrictions and fast action implemented before a major crisis, Greece was able to avoid the major outbreaks of nearby places as of May 6. On May 4, the first stage of the two-month plan began with the opening of several services and shops. Eventually, more businesses are soon to open. 

Be sure to get the best hotel deals like la hotels. Moreover, all tourists are subject to a fourteen-day quarantine. That said, bring lots of patience with you, as well.


Several countries have announced their plans to re-establish and restore tourism. However, the challenge that they need to overcome is to balance safety with the need to revive tourism. As a tourist, you need to research the place you want to go to, especially in this time of crisis. Be alert and keep posted about the current affairs. Also, don’t forget to impose strict sanitary measures to avoid being infected.

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