2020 Travel Trends: Here’s Where Americans Will Be Going

From the emerging to the iconic, a selection of destinations across the globe seems to be rising in popularity for 2020 according to travel industry insiders.

Specialists from Contiki, Trafalgar, Uniworld and Friendly Planet Travel have weighed up in on what’s hot for the year ahead. The list comprises some tried and true longtime favourites as well as some more remarkable options. Here’s a closer look.

The United Kingdom

Maybe it’s the forthcoming possibility of Brexit-induced travel restrictions or surging American Anglophilia from cultural moments such as Netflix’s “The Crown” and the enigmatic Meghan Markle – whatever the cause, the UK is surging in 2020 travel bookings.

Contiki’s England & Scotland trip is up a huge 553 per cent, a dramatic rise demonstrating people’s growing interest with the island nation. The UK is also Trafalgar’s number three top-booked destination, with a 67 per cent year-over-year increase.


Vietnam’s reputation as a foodie hotspot, storied architecture and temples and reasonably priced contribute to its rise in popularity for early 2020 bookings.

Vietnam is the top growing destination for Uniworld (up 151 per cent in volume growth) and due to demand, the company is introducing the brand-new luxe Mekong Jewel Super Ship in the country in January as part of its Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & The Mekong sailing.

Vietnam is likewise the #6 top-booked destination for Friendly Planet Travel.


The antique pyramids of Egypt hold modern-day fascination – for three of these travel companies, the North African country is rising in bookings.

Egypt is Friendly Planet Travel’s number two top-booked destination and is the number three trending destination for Uniworld with the Splendors of Egypt & The Nile sailing.

For The Meantime, Contiki’s Egypt & the Nile is the youth travel company’s number four top-booked trip with a 28 per cent year overgrowth.


Agreeing to Friendly Planet Travel, the destination is the number one most-booked and has to turn out to be the number one explored country on their website, an upsurge of 177 per cent year-over-year, which continues to be strong through 2020.

The country’s decades-long separation leaves Cuba feeling like a time capsule of the mid-century world. Visit in 2020 to experience this, before transformation entirely takes hold.

Friendly Planet’s Authentic Havana & Captivating Cuba trips are among the most trendy.


Colourful celebrations, serene houseboats on the Kerala backwaters or quiet mountain escapes – India’s one billion-plus inhabitants are now joined by masses of American travellers as they appreciate that the Taj Mahal and India’s crowded streets–remarkable in their own right–are not all there is to see in India.

The country is Uniworld’s number two trending destination (75 per cent year over year rise on the Ganges Voyager II ship) with their latest wellness-focused immersive sailing, ME to WE & The Sacred Ganges; and it’s the number five trending destination for Friendly Planet Travel.


Our welcoming neighbour to the north is one of Trafalgar’s top-booked destinations and the number four top-trending for Contiki, with a 131 per cent year over year rise.

Credit a sense of American entertainment or the Insta-popular destinations like Banff, but Americans are now looking not just across the pond but to the great white north as well.


Development does not happen overnight, so rationally, neither did American’s interest with this Pacific archipelago – now tourists are gathering in large numbers to the island for wildlife-watching, exploring the volcanic rock structures and go swimming in the gemstone-blue waters.

Early tourists are especially interested, with Contiki’s Galapagos Island Hopper up 75 per cent year over year aligning with the demographic’s rising interest in eco-friendly travel; and Friendly Planet is reporting that it is the number four top-booked destination


Contiki’s launch of Africa trips in 2019 was met with loud support by young tourists and the brand has countered by adding two new Africa destinations for 2020, Botswana and Namibia.

Four out of ten of Friendly’s Planet’s top-booked trips for 2020 are in Africa, covering everything from Kenya Wildlife Safaris and A Taste of South Africa, to the Best of Morocco.

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